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For Tenants

Our Tenant Portal allows you to:

  • View your current ledger
  • View your complete ledger
  • View your property manager’s contact details
  • Contact your property manager
  • Retrieve your username and password
  • Change your password

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Your initial point of contact when applying for our properties will be our Property Manager who will assist you with any enquiries. Please be sure that you check any queries with the consultant at the time of your inspection. It is required that everyone who will be living at the property completes an Online Tenancy Application [link to 1form form realestate.com.au], even if you are not on the lease. Please be aware that you must be over eighteen years of age to submit an application. It is required that you include a number of photocopied documents with your application:

Evidence of Income

  • 3 previous payslips
  • Bank statement
  • If self-employed;
    • Tax returns and business registration and/or;
    • Letter from accountant confirming current financial position and business viability

Rental / Personal References

  • Minimum 2 written references from previous agent or landlord
  • Written references from employer or friend


  • Current driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of age card
  • Passport
  • Passport and/or visa
  • Medicare card
  • Credit card
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Bank statement
  • Telephone account statement
  • Gas/electricity account statement

Proof of Last Residential Address

  • Utility statements
  • Council rates notice
  • Mortgage statement

Your reference details will be checked by our office and the owner of the property will be contacted to discuss your application. Once we have received instructions from the owner, we will be in contact with you to confirm if you have been accepted for the property as well as the terms of the lease. We will also take this opportunity to make a lease signing appointment with you and confirm all payments required upfront as well as the method by which you can make the initial payment in our office on the day of your lease signing. All upfront costs will be confirmed with you prior to signing your lease via email giving you the opportunity to clarify all costs and ensure funds are available as appropriate.


Utilities: Ensure you have crossed off all the items on your moving to do list and cover all bases to ensure moving is as hassle free as possible. Connect and change over all utilities. Our office offers a hassle free service where we do it for you via Fast Connect.

Insurance: Ensure your contents are covered by renters insurance as they will not be covered by the landlords insurance if damaged. If you have insurance on your contents make sure that you have updated your details with your new address.

Mail redirection: Ensure that you have contacted the Post office and arranged a mail – redirection in case you are expecting any mail which may be delivered to your old address.

Strata/ Building Managers: Ensure that you have contacted your respective building/ strata manager and advise them of the time and date that you will be moving into the property. Very often with many strata buildings or buildings with concierge services available it is often required that you book in a time to move in so they can make the appropriate provisions for the common/ lobby areas as well as the elevator. If this is not required for your building it is always a good idea just to introduce yourself.

Removalists- Ensure that you give yourself ample time between the lease signing appointment and the time that your removalist is to arrive at your property to begin packing and offloading. There are often unforeseen circumstances which can arise at the lease signing that may or may not delay when you will be able to collect your keys and gain access to your property


Make sure you;

  • Fill in your part of the condition report (take photos as proof for your records) and don’t forget to return a copy to your property manager within 7 days. If you don’t take the time to complete it accurately, any damages to the property when you leave, if not noted on the condition report will be deducted from your bond.
  • Obtain a letter from Office of Fair Trading sometime during the first 2 months confirming that your bond has been received and advising you of your Rental Bond Number. If this does not arrive contact the Office of Fair Trading to make sure that your bond has been lodged.


Follow these useful tips to help avoid problems while you are renting;

  • Keep a copy of your lease, condition report, rent receipts, rental bond number and copies of letters/ emails you send or receive in a designated tenancy file folder and put it somewhere you can easily find it later.
  • Never stop paying your rent, even if the landlord is not complying with their side of the agreement (e.g. by failing to do repairs) – you could end up being evicted if you do.
  • If repairs are required, advise of your request in writing to the Property Manager and keep a copy for your records.
  • Comply with the terms of your lease. In particular never make any alterations, keep a pet or let other people move in without asking your property manager first.
  • If you are happy in the property and your lease comes to an end, contact your Property Manager to request for the lease to be renewed for another fixed term.